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It’s -50 Celsius and I realize no one wants to get out of bed. I also have a moment of realizing no one wants to sell their used goods. 

Not companies, not governments, not individuals.

There’s a driving force behind this inherent human behavior to ‘just get rid of it’ – it’s because most of us know what it’s like to respond to countless requests offering us five cents on the dollar for something we know carries value. 

It’s like the open Mexican market (Tianguis) entrepreneur who marks her items up 300% because she knows the gringos are going to expect a good bartering session.

So, North America has pigeon-holed itself into this frustrating hole of knowing that their items have worth but they can’t be bothered to capture that value. 

Now what?

I’ll write again next week. For today, I have only just lost sleep over the problem.

~ Kristy