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Creating efficiencies for organizations

HYON Enterprise

Surplus Management Made Simple

HYON’s trusted internal network of marketers sell surplus assets for you. We manage ad and listing creation, negotiations, and pickup scheduling.


With this partnership, SaskTel is able to generate revenue by allowing verified sellers to sell used furniture to buyers that we previously paid a vendor to discard for us. HYON provides SaskTel with an environmentally sustainable way of disposing of unneeded furnishings.

Jennifer Ziegler

HYON Surplus Management Client, SaskTel



Extend the life-cycle of items by selling them to local businesses, organizations or residences. This process creates demand for re-used goods, mitigates climate change, and aids in solid waste and greenhouse gas emission reduction.



HYON hires labour locally when necessary to help organize, and upload asset information into the platform. This assists in better efficiency with surplus/asset management offering fiscal prudence and transparency, creating a new revenue stream and stimulating innovation.



Local businesses, organizations, and individuals are brought together to foster unique partnerships and community engagement while creating employment opportunities.

The proof is in the partners

SGI HYON Partners

Digital Payments

We keep it clean and cashless with debit, credit, and secure e-transfers too. Stay organized with real-time updates.


Get paid as soon as your items sell. Keep track of your cash-in-hand with our handy digital receipts.


100% Satisfaction

We’re managing the headache, but the buck stops with you. Set your minimum price, and we won’t sell for less.