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Cookie Use at HYON

Unfortunately, this is not about gooey, chocolatey cookies… but we’re glad your’re here!

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are placed on your device when you visit a particular website. They help the website recognize and remember you if you are logging in. Cookies also gather information about how you are using the website.

You can disable cookies by turning them off in your browser; however, some areas of the website may not function properly if you do so. For instance, if you want the Login page to remember your email address.

What kinds of Cookies is HYON using?

HYON uses three types of Cookies:

First-Party Session cookies: These temporary cookies track what you do while you’re on our website and stop tracking you as soon as you exit. These are needed to improve your experience with the site. For example, if you started a chat with us, and you happened to navigate through the website, the chat would not be reset. 

First-Party Permanent cookies: These cookies are only applicable to visitors who complete a sign-in process through the website. They help us recognize and remember you when you return to the website so that you don’t have to enter your information every time you try to log in.

Third-Party cookies: These cookies are created by third-party tools that we use to improve our marketing, our website performance, and learn more about our visitors. These tools are Facebook, Google, Hubspot and Lucky Orange.


How and why are you using Cookies?

We are using cookies for the following reasons:

  • To gather information about how you are using the website. We process this information with tools like Google Analytics to understand how our website is performing and to give you a better experience.
  • To recognize you and keep you logged in. This is only applicable to users who have completed the online signup.
  • Track information about how you engage with our content. We use this information to understand if our content is relevant to visitors like you.

How can I opt out of having Cookies placed on my device?

While we do not recommend removing first-party cookies if you need to log in through our website, you can stop your browser from collecting cookies at any time. These links should help you:

How can I learn more about Cookies and data use?

To learn more about the laws governing how your data is used online in Canada, you can visit: