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Social Media presence is a crucial aspect of any company, and especially during COVID!

It is the first thing most customers/users are going to see, and is often the face (or digital storefront), that represents your brand and is a way to showcase your values as a company. 

Recommerce Companies on Social Media 

Part of my role at Hyon has been to analyze other companies that are in the secondhand recommerce industry (some of which include ThredUp, Poshmark, and Kidizen).

One thing that we noticed a long while ago was just how many companies are in the second hand clothing market.

Because of the efficacy of those companies in that space we felt that for Hyon; if you can wear it, we don’t sell it! Instead we focused on everything else in a person’s house that they could sell, from furniture to fitness equipment, we can sell it for you! 

The Face of the Brand

On social media, it is important to speak about your brand and company as well as to connect and engage with your customers. 

This way, you are able to see them as not only someone that is interested in your product or service, but also someone that wants to have interesting, and engaging content. 

This is something that we found a few of the second hand clothing companies have done really well. 

Whether it be posts that motivate, or ones that educate, or to simply update users with all that’s new and ongoing with the company, each post culminates into a wonderful story of that company’s values, and their reason for being!

Avoid at all costs

Although some brands do certain things well on their social media, there are areas where they fall behind, which can be understandable in some instances like posting the same content on every social media platform on the same day and time.

In most cases, a company falling behind on social media is a clear indicator to the customers of the brands values. 

Some of the major issues with the companies we are analyzing is that not only do they not have much of a customer support team (takes weeks to reply to emails, no phone number, no chat options), even on their social media platforms they almost never respond to comments that are having issues with their account or are trying to report a scam that is taking place on their sites. 

By not responding and engaging with users on social media, whether it be positive or negative comments, it is basically like walking into a store and asking for help and having no one help you. At a certain point, you’ll cut your loss and just walk out, potentially never coming back in.

Have your Values Shine Through

At Hyon, we really want our values as a company to come across on our social media platforms, and that is why we put a lot of thought into every post we make and every partnership we have. 

Speaking directly to our users and our audience is a key aspect of our social media presence and something that we feel sets us apart!

A company’s social media is their new storefront and it has to showcase the best of the company and their product/service that will make potential customers stop and say “I need this beet right now!”, those are the money beets!

Or should I say posts! 

By having posts that are informative about the company and what they do, but also by presenting it in a way that is relatable and interesting, is key to a company’s social media page!