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At HYON, we’re all about making moves to put the environment first. In a world full of pollution and toxicity, any step toward making our planet more sustainable is a good one. 

With that in mind, here are some tips and tricks for making your home life more environmentally friendly:

Support Sustainable Brands & Companies

We know how easy it is to load up a cart from your favourite online store. 

You know your product will be consistent (for the most part), undamaged (again, for the most part), and be around your price point. Shopping from these mass producers is easy, and that’s why we likely have all fallen victim to purchasing from them. 

Let me add a disclaimer: just because you purchase from a mass producer does not make you a bad person – sometimes, it just makes the most sense. 

With that being said, I challenge you to discover online stores you may not have thought to check out before.

Having local sustainability in mind, try Googling some sustainable brands in your area for products that you otherwise would have bought from your friendly neighbourhood Walmart.

In Regina, for example, I have chosen to make slight changes to my household items, switching to long-term use products instead of single-use plastic items.

A few great Saskatchewan companies that sell items like this include The Alternative SK, Mortise & Tenon, and The Better Good.


Fix It, Don’t Throw It

So you’ve gotten your use out of that 90’s lazy boy couch – a lot of use to be specific. Maybe the legs have been scuffed, the cushions ripped, the sidearm bends a funny way now.

You may have already decided to purchase a new one, so where does that leave your current one?


But hold that thought for one moment and consider your options. 

What would it take to fix up a few of those dated issues with the couch? A quick Youtube tutorial on How To Fix Your Couch Upholstery may be a good place to start.

But maybe the whole fixer-upper thing isn’t for you.

However, it definitely is the thing for some. HYON can be used as a platform to showcase your ratty-datty couch, and sell it to someone who does enjoy upholstery and wants to put the work into fixing it.

Sell it to that someone, and get some quick cash in your pocket. The old saying still stands strong: one man’s trash is another man’s gold.


Shop for Second-Hand or Previously Loved Items

Although it can be, second-hand shopping is not only done at Value Village.

On the contrary, there are multiple ways to shop second-hand and these alternatives are becoming more easily accessible with the help of ye ol’ Interweb. 

A quick check on Facebook Marketplace and VarageSale are great places to start, these are two well known platforms for people to post on and shop for basic household items.

A good rule of thumb to think about could be taking a scroll on these platforms when on the hunt for a specific item before turning to an actual storefront. 

For example, I knew what kind of mid century style chest of drawers I have wanted for my new house for a long time. Before hopping onto Wayfair and IKEA, I took my chances heading to Facebook marketplace. Unfortunately, no dice. 

I then reached out to a friend who specializes in mid century furniture; he hunts for good, solid pieces on Facebook marketplace and VarageSale to fix up and resell on his own.

Lo and behold, he had my dream dresser! Original wood, previously loved, newly furnished, and stimulating circulation in my local economy.

At HYON, we strive to create a community where not everyone perfectly makes environmentally decisions, but imperfectly makes the effort to live sustainably. 

Disclaimer 2.0: these are just three overarching ideas surrounding our values at HYON and we know there are so many more ways to make your lifestyle environmentally friendly. 

We wanted to share our thoughts and hope to hear yours – make sure to comment your suggestions or more ideas on this topic!

See you next week,

Ty 🙂